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This is one of the UK’s leading gardening magazines, giving you a reliable and beautiful source of inspiration, with advice on what’s going on in the world of gardening.

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WHY BUY A SUBSCRIPTION TO The English Garden Magazine?

The English Garden takes its readers to incredible and yet achievable gardens with the use of brilliant photography and professional garden writers. This inspiration is backed up with practical notebooks with advice offered from the garden owner or head gardener. Readers hear from those with real gardening miles under their belts. It’s a real treat for anyone with greenfingers. The English Garden is published 13 times a year.


Subscribe to The English Garden magazine and be guaranteed to receive the UK’s leading Gardening magazine. With expert tips, advise and photography from the experts, this magazine will fill you with inspiration for your own garden. Each issue of The English Garden is overflowing with beautiful gardens from the length and breadth of the land - from traditional to modern and from tiny plots to rolling acres. The English Garden is the glossy magazine for everyone with an overflowing imagination for creating their own beautiful garden, providing you with inspiring ideas to transform your garden. Each issue brings you the very best in English gardening…seasonal planting tips…design ideas…expert practical guides...and month after month of glorious gardens. Whether your first love is spring flowers, the heady perfume of roses on a summer's afternoon, the myriad colours of an autumn border, or even the structural beauty of winter, you will find it all in a English Garden magazine subscription.

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