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The ultimate companion to all things TV and radio, guiding you through the best programmes on over 85 digital TV and radio channels.

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Get a subscription to Radio Times magazine, the ultimate TV and radio guide - it is the very best way for you to catch the week's essential digital TV and radio, with clearer listings, brighter features and inspiring choices.Plus there are great recommendations for the week's unmissable music, DVDs and downloads!

Wherever your interests lie, a Radio Times magazine subscription will help you find your perfect programme on one of over 85 digital TV and radio channels every week. The simple and easy-to-understand TV listings and inspiring recommendations mean you'll have no trouble discovering those hidden gems. Plus there are exclusive interviews with the biggest names in the business for you to enjoy, behind-the-scenes specials providing fascinating insights into the nation's favourite programmes and exclusive photo shoots which you'll only see in Radio Times magazine.

Radio Times magazine was founded back in 1923 as a response to newspaper boycotts of radio listings amid fears that people would then listed to the news on the radio instead of buying newspapers. Also, until the deregulation of television listings in 1991 Radio Times magazine only carried information for BBC channels whilst ITV published their own listings in TVTimes.

At one time, Radio Times magazine had the largest circulation in Europe and to this day is the most comprehensive source of UK radio listings in print.

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